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I remember my first day as an admission counselor at Xavier University. I was a ball of nerves not knowing exactly how my time there would ultimately pan out. I knew I wanted to leave my mark and make some form of a difference on campus , but the capacity in which I had hoped to do it was unknown.

It is typically hard for me to make friends and connect with people. I rarely feel like I fit in or belong, so I certainly didn’t expect my experience at Xavier to be any different. I could not have been more inaccurate.

It is incredibly rare to meet individuals who are genuine, mission-oriented, compassionate, loving, supportive, and generous all in one. 

Through them I have learned the definition of what it means to be a TEAM. That may seem trivial to some, but as a person who is used to moving independently, this is an essential concept for me to grasp. The amount of support this team has shown me and each other is unmatched. I will venture to say I will never meet a team of people quite like them. 

I worked for Xavier for almost two years, and for many reasons , I recently decided to embark on a totally different career path. It takes me longer than most to process my feelings given my need to reflect. Considering that, I didn’t properly express my gratitude and love to the incredible team of people who I had the pleasure of working with. This blog seems like the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Hannah-I love your energy! I admire your positive spirit and how you never let anyone see you sweat. You have such a mature demeanor and a profound sense of control. I admire your incredible ability to stay organized. You are 100% Hannah no matter what. You are meticulous, competitive, and do things to absolute perfection. I am captivated by your love for ALL things Xavier. You have more Xavier swag than me and I graduated from there lol. 

Mike-Mike! You are such a sweetheart and certainly a true extrovert. Your love for people and the stories they come with is apparent. I love your sense of passion and innovation. You are fancy haha ! You have the best looking office in admissions due to your keen ability to set an atmosphere.  It ties into your ability to evoke emotion within yourself and others. Never lose sight of that! You are such a caring person and it shows in everything you do and say. 

Kaitlin-Sweet Kaitlin! I remember when Ashley said you are the representation of God’s love. She was spot on.... You are a true light . That is such a rare quality to light up everything you touch. Every place you enter and leave, people can surely feel your presence. They know Kaitlin was there . You are incredibly sweet , beautiful, genuine, giving , loving, and kind. Thank you for always being a listening ear and for just being you! You are an absolute blessing to know and be around.

David-David! You are hilarious lol. I admire your ability to tell it like it is. You march to the beat of your own drum and have a strong sense of identity. You are also incredibly giving ! I love how you are always down to have a good time and encourage others to do the same. You have a strong sense of duty to those who you identify with, and it is quite inspiring. You are without a doubt unapologetically YOU.

Lindsey-You are the definition of a leader. You embody the perfect dichotomy of being supportive yet the ultimate guide. You unknowingly inspire others to be better just by being you. That shows your level of influence. You are such a role model and have such a pure and genuine heart. You always look out for others without hesitation or expectation. I admire your ability to get things done and then some ! You have a heart for people, and are truly a beautiful woman inside and out. You will forever inspire me!

Kelly- Kelly! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out. I admire your artistic nature, sense of style, and ability to make others feel welcome and at ease. You’re not afraid to learn or seek out answers, which shows your humility. You are a master communicator and incredibly reliable. You also make boss moves considering you just bought a condo!! I need to get on your level!!!

Rachel-Rachel!!!!! I have to use exclamation points when addressing you. You are such a SWEET person. Every single thing about you radiates joy, love, and kindness. It is effortlessly who you are. I love how you can strike up a conversation with just about anyone. You have the ability to make the people around you feel comfortable, loved, and safe. Your love for people will pave many paths for you! 

Chloe-Chloe! You are my girl!! We have such a great bond that I am incredibly grateful for. Thank you for always being honest and keeping it REAL. You are as real as they come! You are a leader , an advocate, and a lover of all things justice. Your passion for the betterment of the world around you is inspiring and is definitely a mark of who you are . I also admire your sense of loyalty and strong quest for women empowerment. The world without a doubt needs the Storm!

Tim-Tim.... You have a heart of GOLD. I have never in life met anyone as purely genuine as you. Without even saying a word, one can just sense your kindness by your entire vibe and disposition. You are such a gift, and embody what it means to walk in humility. It is an absolute blessing to even know you and I’m happy we were able to work together! You will forever be Mr. Xavier. 

Ashley-My Cleveland travel buddy!!! Oh the laughs we’ve shared. You are one of a kind and are endowed with incredible insights that the world needs to hear. I love how opinionated you are and your strong sense of conviction. You are an awesome public speaker, a dynamic leader , and one of the most reliable people I’ve ever met. You are endowed with such greatness. All you have to do is walk in it.

Erin-Anytime I see you, you always have a beautiful smile on your face. I love that about you. It shows great strength and an overall passion for what you do. You are an absolute ray of sunshine. Your love for admissions is apparent and Xavier is blessed to have you. Your zest for life is admirable. You know how to enjoy life and make the best of every situation! 

Julie-Julie! The QUEEN! You embody what it means to love what you do. Your love for your students and your own incredible family is abundantly clear. Your comebacks are epic and your wit is unmatched! You are a key component to Xavier, and the university truly would not be the same without you. I admire how incredibly fierce, strong, knowledgeable, and passionate you are.

Jay-The KING! You are a straight shooter and I LOVE it. You tell it like it is. Your honesty is truly needed and always appreciated. You are a leader and certainly a voice of reason. I admire your sense of practicality and logic. You are also a family man who takes care of home. You are the best of the best.

I love you all so much!!! 


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